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The Bee Cause Project

Bee Hive









Briggs Elementary is the only school in the north-east corner of the state of South Carolina and east of interstate 95 in North Carolina to have an observation hive!

The Bee Cause Project was started by Ted Dennard,  the President and Founder of The Savannah Bee Company, one of the most vibrant small companies in the honey industry. Currently the Bee Cause Project has provided hives for 300 schools in 50 states and 4 countries. Students at Briggs sold over 200 jars of Savannah Bee Company honey to help pay for the observation beehive. The remainder of the cost was provided by a generous donation from the Florence branch of the South Carolina Farm Bureau. The bees were donated by the current President of the Pee Dee Beekeepers Association, David Yanello. Our resident beekeeper is Mark Wentzel.

Students, faculty and the entire community have been amazed by the activity of our bees. The most exciting part of this project is how we can see them work together every day. Students have spent the year learning about the anatomy of the bee and their importance to our environment. Next year we will use the Bee Cause Project curriculum to learn even more about the amazing life of the honey bee!

A new bee pollination garden was funded by Five Star- Chevrolet/Mercedes/BMW. We are extremely thankful for the continued support of our parents and the entire Briggs community.