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Farm to School

SC Farm to School is a program that connects schools with local agriculture. The goals of the program are to 1) Increase the number of SC grown fruits and vegetables in schools, 2) Promote healthy eating habits, 3) Provide nutrition and agricultural education, and 4) Support the local economy. The Program is a collaborative partnership between the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, South Carolina Department of Education, South Carolina Department of Social Services and Clemson University.

“The Farm to School concept is a true personal passion of mine and I am thrilled to be able to share it with our students,” said Jeff Murrie, Briggs teacher and co-sponsor of the Briggs 4-H Club. “Although we are just finishing up with the bricks and mortar of the project, I feel strongly that all the students that have been involved up to this point have already started learning invaluable lessons for their future,” Murrie went on to say. “This has truly been a community effort and we look forward to celebrating with all our partners during the upcoming Taste of Briggs that is appropriately themed Farm-to-School this year,” said Murrie.

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