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Bulldog Expectations


We believe students learn best in an orderly, safe environment. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that students come to school prepared to behave and achieve. Our expectations are for Bulldogs to be Accountable, Respectful, and Kind (BARK)!

Students will be taught the procedures for various areas of school. We request and appreciate parental support.

Students who BARK will be rewarded with Bulldog Bucks. Students will use the bucks at our school store. We will have an awards program after each quarter to recognize students in grades 1-5 who have honor roll and/or perfect attendance. Students will receive a pin to display on his/her lanyard.


Bulldogs are...









get our agenda signed nightly.

complete all classwork and homework assignments on time.

read each night.






always follow school procedures.

respect themselves and others.

respect school property.






ask to help others.

include everyone.

say please and thank you.